Configuring Your Emlid Reach Receiver as a Network Rover in FieldGenius® for Android™

Configuring your Emlid Reach Receiver as a network Rover in FieldGenius for Android

  1. Using Emlid Flow, change the Correction input to Bluetooth. Open Settings and confirm that Bluetooth Discoverability is ON.  
  2. Launch FieldGenius and open a Project. Tap Select instrument and Add Profile. Input Emlid RS3 in the Make and Model dropdown. Give the profile a unique name and tap Create.  
  3. Set Up Communication through Bluetooth and connect to the receiver.  
  4. Set Up Corrections and tap RTK via Internet then Set Up Internet. Use the Data Collector as the internet connection.  
  5. Set Up Data Source. Tap Add New Source and input your NTRIP credentials 
  6. Set Up Antenna Height as the height to the bottom of the receiver since the additional offset will be added automatically.  
  7. Set Up Active Tolerance based on your job requirements. Adjust the presets if necessary. 
  8. Select whether the RS3 will be using Tilt Correction. The Rover is now configured.