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What is needed for a complete Emlid Reach RS2 base/rover setup?

A complete base/rover setup should include two receivers, rod, bipod, tripod, tribrach, tribrach adapter, RS2 extension pole, hard carrying case, data collector with pole mount cradle, and data collector software.

What survey accessories are needed for an Emlid Reach RS2 base station setup?

A base station setup with the Emlid Reach RS2 should include an RS2 Extension Pole, tripod, and if setting up over a known point, a tribrach and tribrach adapter.

What is needed in order to set up a tripod over a known point?

The simplest way to set a tripod over a known point is to use a tribrach with optical plummet.

What survey accessories are needed for a rover setup?

A rover setup with the Emlid Reach RS2 should include a rover rod, bipod, and a pole clamp cradle for your data collector.

What is the difference between carbon fiber and aluminum survey accessories?

Carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum.  Because aluminum is a conductor, in colder weather, the aluminum rods can become quite cold.   

Can the Emlid Reach RS2 be used as a base station for PPK enabled drones?

Yes, the Emlid Reach RS2 can be used as a base station for PPK, so long as your post-processing software utilizes standard formats such as RINEX.

What is NTRIP?

NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) gives the ability to collect centimeter accurate data while only having a rover on site.  NTRIP providers act as a base station and stream their correction data over the internet to the rover.