Drone LiDAR Trade-In

We are pleased to offer a trade-up program for current drone LiDAR users, that are using the Livox Avia sensor.  The DJI Zenmuse L1 may be the most popular LiDAR that utilizes the Avia.  Many other Drone LiDAR packages will qualify as well for this trade-in program.  Contact us to learn more.  

The Livox Avia is a strong LiDAR sensor.  Combined with a high accuracy IMU, like that of the Inertial Labs RESEPI, and you can expect an accuracy of plus/minus 5 cm.  

The DJI Zenmuse L1 incorporates the Livox Avia, though with a lower tier IMU resulting in a system accuracy (based on DJI's spec sheet) of 10 cm horizontally and 5 cm vertically.  

If you are looking to upgrade, the RESEPI XT32 and XT32M2X are excellent options.  Both setups offer the best-in-class IMU with roll/pitch accuracy of 0.006 degrees, and heading accuracy of 0.03 degrees.  Both boast of a system accuracy of 3 cm.  

The XT32M2X improves on the XT32 in that it is even stronger in terms of vegetation penetration, and is lighter which allows for a wider range of drone options and improved flight time.