FieldGenius for Windows Basics | Connecting your Emlid Reach Receiver

Connecting your Emlid Reach Receiver

Begin by starting a new project. Name the project and open Project Settings to confirm you’re using the right units and coordinate system. Select Instrument, add a new Instrument Profile and name it RS3. Select Edit, then Model and Communication. Keep NMEA and Basic for make and model.  

Search for your receiver over Bluetooth by selecting the Bluetooth Device List, then Search. Once found, name the Receiver and enter the default PIN code 123456. Click close to connect. 

Before collecting points, click Antenna on the right column to input the pole height and antenna offset. To collect the point, click on the RTK Fixed button and Store Position. From here you can then add a description or adjust your antenna or type of point. 

After collecting a 2nd point, click the staking tool and find your way back to point one. The cardinal directions should be back to point 1. You can also click on our staking method and choose map to check.  

You now have the option to save and overwrite your old point or save it as a different point. 

Now you have the basics on connecting your receiver, collecting points and staking out points.