FieldGenius for Windows Basics | Importing and Localization

Importing and Localization

Create your project, and confirm that all of your settings are correct, including units and coordinate system. 

Open the main menu and select Import/Export. Select CAD/LandXML/Templates and then DGN/DXF/DWG Import. Find your file in the file explorer and open it. 

You will need to find several points in the real world that correspond to points in your drawing. First, locate points from the lines on the drawing. Then, go to the corresponding point in the real world and shoot those points. The localization will be more accurate by increasing the number of points and the distance between them. 

Once you have your points, open the main menu, select Survey Tools, then GNSS Local Transformation. Select Modify Parameters and then select Similarity for your Method. Back in the GNSS Local Transformation menu, select Modify Control. Select a Local Control, then a GNSS Control that corresponds with it. 

You will need at least two point pairs for this. 

Now that you have completed your transformation, you will be able to see your information on the map and within the drawing.  

You have successfully localized your project and are ready to get to work.