Installing and Setting up FieldGenius® for Android™

Installing and Setting up FieldGenius for Android

  1.  Download the latest version of FGA. Allow installation from your browser if prompted. 
  2. Launch FGA. If you have purchased a license, select Register to fully unlock the software. For demo mode, select OK. You will be limited to 30 points.  
  3. Create a New Project to use as a template. Name the Project, select your Distance Unit, Coordinate System, and vertical datum. Select the dropdown from the Coordinate System to search the list of installable systems. If you are using a State Plane system, make sure to select a Coordinate System from the list that ends in NAD83 (HARN, HARN for GNSS & for GNSS won't work correctly). 
  4. Install the latest GEOID model by selecting Catalog and scroll down to g2018u0 under the United States dropdown which covers the conterminous US. 
  5. Select an Empty Code List or the pre-installed Survey Code List. Then tap Create. You are now ready to setup your Emlid Reach receiver.