Before You Begin: Emlid Reach Workflow Tips

The following recommendations will help users avoid common issues when using their Emlid Reach RS2+, Emlid RS3, or RX with their mobile device or PC. Download Emlid Flow on your phone or tablet to handle fieldwork. Follow these guidelines to streamline your workflow.


1. Charge your receiver fully before first use. During that charge, you can update your firmware, as well as setup and configure your receivers.  
2. Use a computer along with a phone or tablet for your workflow. The phone or tablet will serve as your data collector.  
3. Connect the data collector to your receiver via Bluetooth. Any Wi-Fi only task can be completed using your computer. You can log into the Reach panel from your computer without losing internet access. Type: [Name of receiver] local in web browser address bar to access Reach Panel. This allows you to run firmware updates and download position logs from your receivers.  

    ***Connecting your receiver to your office or home Wi-Fi can give you more flexibility. If you also connect your data collector to that Wi-Fi, it allows access the Wi-Fi only settings.*** 

    4. Activate BLE on the data collector by rapidly tapping the Profile tab until the BLE window pops up.  
    5. If you took advantage of our complimentary firmware update and initial configuration, you will have to connect your computer to the Wi-Fi hotspot of the receiver to access and connect the receiver to the internet enabled Wi-Fi. Search your available Wi-Fi networks and select the one containing “Reach” in the name. The default password is “emlidreach”. If you are using Windows, you will likely need to select ‘Connect using a Security Key’, before you put in the password. You will then be able to open the Reach panel and access its Wi-Fi settings to connect it to the Wi-Fi. Type: [Name of receiver] local in web browser address bar to access Reach Panel. 
    6. Once connected, reconnect your computer to the Wi-Fi and refresh your screen. You now have a good baseline workflow between your devices that will make working with your projects seamless.  

    If you need any further assistance with your receiver, please reach out to us at We’ve been working with Emlid products since 2016. Our team has implemented the Emlid RS2+/RS3 in a wide variety of configurations, so we can help you design the right setup for your needs.