Configuring your Emlid Base for your Drone

Below are instructions on how to use your Emlid Reach RS2+ or Emlid RS3 receiver as a base for your RTK drone. Compatible drones include but are not limited to the DJI Matrice 350 and the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise. This setup is a cost-effective alternative to the DJI D-RTK 2 Base Station.

Before you begin, make sure all of your firmware is up to date and that you are connected to the receiver via BLE. 

1. Configure the Base output in Emlid Flow by selecting Local NTRIP. (The information icon to the right will display the NTRIP credentials you will need to input into your drone controller.) 
2. Go to Base settings and input your Antenna height as well as your method for achieving a base marker. Select the Coordinates entry method to indicate whether that will be a manual entry or an averaged out point.  

*** If you see the Save failed message, check for typos and confirm you have a base marker in the base settings of the Reach receiver. *** 

1. On your drone controller connect to the Base’s Wi-Fi.  
In the RTK section of the Flight Controller Settings that you can access in the camera view, turn ON RTK Positioning. Set 2. Select RTK Service Type to Custom Network RTK and input the NTRIP credentials from Emlid Flow. 3
3. Once saved, scroll down to see the RTK status, satellites, and coordinates. Confirm your drone has a fix, then you a ready to fly your mission.  
Use Emlid Flow to create and access survey projects, manage coordinate systems, and export and import data. Your drone will receive corrections from your Reach receiver base station.