Expanded Emlid Support

E38 Survey Solutions is now supporting all Emlid users, whether you purchased directly from Emlid, or from another dealer.  Specifically, we are offering support on the Emlid Reach RX, RS2/RS2+, and the RS3.  You can reach us for phone support at 440 596 4076, or submit your question through the contact form.  Before you do please sign up for phone support by purchasing the $0 support product.  In the order notes, please specify your setup; RS2 Network Rover, RS3 base/rover, or otherwise, and let us know the data collector you are running.  

E38 has been selling and supporting Emlid products since 2016.

Event 38 Unmanned Systems integrated the first generation Reach receiver into the E384 in 2016.  Fast forward three years, and Emlid launches the Reach RS2.  Soon after E38 Survey Solutions was created to service the needs of positioning customers using the RS2s and associated equipment.  All that to say, E38 Survey Solutions has been supporting these Emlid receivers since the beginning, and it has been the main focus for us since 2019.  We know there capabilities and limitations not only of the hardware itself, but of various other software and hardware integrations. We can work with Emlid on your behalf on anything warranty related as well.  

Why is E38 Survey Solutions supporting all Emlid customers no matter who they purchased from? 

Because we believe you'll give us a chance at your business when you are in the market for another receiver, field software, a new drone, LiDAR, robot, or CAD software.  

If you need any help with your Emlid receiver, let us know.  It won't cost you a dime, and we're just a phone call away.  You can reach us 8 AM - 4 PM Eastern Time.  

If it is outside of working hours and you need help, browse our YouTube channel.