Getting Started with Emlid Reach RS2+

Initial Update for Reach RS2+ (smartphone, tablet)

  1. On your smartphone or tablet, go to Settings, Network & internet, and then Wi-Fi. Connect to your Reach RS2+ with the password ‘emlidreach’.
  2. Open Emlid Flow and select “Set up Reach”. The Reach Panel will appear, select the + under Wi-Fi to add your Wi-Fi network manually. Select Connect. 
  3. Check that the RS2+ is showing a solid blue light, indicating connection to the network. Go to your smartphone or tablet’s Wi-Fi and make sure it is connected to the same network as the RS2+.
  4. Open Emlid Flow and select “Set up Reach”. You will now be able to name your RS2+, then select Save. If there is an available update, select Upgrade Reach Firmware. After the update is successfully installed, Reboot and go to the app!

Initial Update for Reach RS2+ (computer)


How to Setup the RS2+ as a Rover

  1. Go to Settings and turn On Bluetooth.
  2. Go to GNSS settings. Note the Kinematic Positioning mode and that the Update rate is at 5 Hz.
  3. Go to Correction input. The options include: LoRa, for a Base/Rover setup; NTRIP, which requires an internet connection to the RS2+ itself via SIM card or hotspot; and NTRIP over Bluetooth, which only requires internet connection through your data collector. 
  4. Go to Correction output and turn it Off. 
  5. Choose your Position streaming 1 option and format. Turn Position streaming 2 Off. 



How to Setup the RS2+ as a Base

  1. Go to GNSS settings. Set the Update rate to 1 Hz. 
  2. Select Correction input and turn it Off. 
  3. Select Correction output and choose the same option as your Rover. 
  4. Select Position streaming 1 and turn it Off. 
  5. On the Settings screen, go to Base mode. Configure the Coordinates entry method; the options include Manual, Average SINGLE, Average FLOAT, and Average FIX (if you are connecting to an NTRIP network). In the Manual option, you can enter the Antenna height for your base station and the Longitude, Latitude, and Ellipsoidal height for your coordinate. You can also grab a point from a previous project with Choose From Project.

How to Setup the RS2+ as a Base for your Drone