Getting Started with Emlid Reach RS2+ Base Rover Setup with FieldGenius for Android

When you purchase an RS2+ with MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Android and request setup, we will set your RTK system up so that it is ready to go out of the box. 

Here is what you’ll need to do to get started after receiving your base rover configuration of the Reach RS2+ with FieldGenius for Android and E38 Survey Solutions setup.

  1. Open Emlid Flow. Confirm that your ReachBase is showing up on the Receivers tab. 
  2. Go to Settings, and then Base mode. It will be set to Average SINGLE, so that every time it powers on, it will produce a rough coordinate.
  3. Select Configure.
  4. Tapping the drop down menu in Coordinates entry method, and selecting Manual, will let you configure it to set up over a known point. You will be able to enter Antenna height, Longitude, Latitude, and Ellipsoidal height. You can also choose a previously configured point from a ReachView3 project by selecting the Choose From Project button. 
  5. After your base coordinate is set, open FieldGenius for Android, then open a Project.
  6. Select an Instrument and Connect to the Reach RS2+. Exit to the Main Menu.
  7. Select Survey to start collecting data.