Getting Started with Emlid Reach RS2+ Network (NTRIP) Rover Setup with FieldGenius for Android

When you purchase an RS2+ with MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Android and request setup, we will set your RTK system up so that it is ready to go out of the box. 

Here is what you’ll need to get started after receiving your network rover configuration of the Reach RS2+ with FieldGenius for Android and E38 Survey Solutions setup.

Before you begin, make sure your tablet is connected to the internet through a hotspot or SIM card. 

  1. Open FieldGenius for Android, then select Open Project. 
  2. Go to Select Instrument and connect to your Reach RS2+. The GNSS Rover Profile will appear. It will have an Autonomous Solution, so you will have to add your corrections. Select the 3 dot menu icon to the right of Corrections. 
  3. Select Data Source, and Add New Source. Fill out Name, Address, Port, Username, and Password. Select Done and then Done again.
  4. Select Connect. The NTRIP Source Table will appear. Choose a mountpoint. Confirm Selected Mountpoint after selecting the Correction Format and NMEA Requirement. Select Done after the Solution should update to an RTK Fix. 
  5. Return to the Main Menu and you can start collecting data.