Programming the Long Range UHF Radio for Emlid Reach

Below is a guide on how to program your Harxon external radio to broadcast your base corrections over 450 MHz Trimtalk ™. This can extend your range with the Emlid Reach RS3 utilizing its new receive only UHF internal radio. With this external radio kit, you can send a powerful 35W transmit power UHF signal from your Emlid Reach RS2+ or RS3 to your Reach RS3 using TrimTalk protocol.

1. Assemble your antenna and connect it to the radio. Connect your power and data cable to your radio, then power it on.   
2. Using the arrow keys and LED screen, you can make some adjustments to the radio configuration. Be advised, you will need to use the Radio Configuration Tool in order to program the channel frequencies and your Call Sign.  
3. Plug your serial cable into your PC and open the Radio Configuration Tool. Click Connect and then Read to populate the information about your radio’s current configuration. Go through the Tabs and make sure all the information matches your FCC license to ensure legal compliance.  
4. The Personality tab shows the configurations that can be adjusted on the radio’s integrated display screen. To work with the RS3’s UHF radio, the settings should read: 

a. Protocal Type: TRIMTALK 
b. Link Rate: 9600 
c. Uart Rate: 115200 
d. TX Power Level: L 
e. Radion Mode: TX ONLY 
f. FEC: OFF 
5. The power parameters under Power Manager will depend on the battery you are using.  
6. Input your Call Sign listed on your FCC license. Then click Write. Reboot the radio to finish the configuration.  
7. Log into the Reach panel from your computer; Type: [Name of receiver] local in web browser address bar to access. Go to the Base output tab and change the Channel to Serial. Select USB OTG for the Port and match your Baud rate to 115200. 
8.Plug the serial cable in the RS3. Once the Base has a Base marker, the external radio will output corrections. The transmit status light will be flashing red.

Programming your Harxon external radio to broadcast your base corrections over 450 MHz Trimtalk will boost the range of your Emlid Reach RS3 rover. Be advised, 450 MHz radios require a radio license in the US. You can register with the FCC's Universal Licensing System here.