Reach RX Walkthrough

In the Emlid Flow App, connect to the RX over Bluetooth.


Correction input: During initial setup, add your profile information. When toggled ON, it indicates NTRIP over Bluetooth and will show the local NTRIP provider.

Position streaming: indicates the device is streaming over NMEA.


  • Press the + in the upper right corner to start a New Project. The Project will show fields for Name, Author, and Description with the Project coordinate system listed below. 
  • Select Save and mapbox will open. You can now add points with the Blue +, then select Measure. The pole height will be shown next to the averaging time. For stakeout, exit out of the Survey screen and tap on the point that you want to stake.

For more features, consider using FieldGenius for Android. You’ll be able to stake lines, use COGO calculation functions, and perform local transformations.