Teal Golden Eagle UAV
Teal Golden Eagle UAV Remote Controller
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Teal Golden Eagle UAV Remote Controller

Teal Golden Eagle UAV with Teal Air Control Bundle

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American-made, secure sUAS with EO/IR, onboard computing & advanced autonomy.


  • Golden Eagle with ISM Band Radio
  • FLIR Hadron EO/IR Payload
  • Teal Air Control (TAC)
  • ISM Band TAC Radio
  • High-efficiency Aerodynamic NACA profiled cage
  • ISM Band TAC Antenna
  • 3 Battery Packs 
  • Teal Battery Charger
  • Golden Eagle Hard Case
  • Golden Eagle Tactical Case
  • TAC Hard Case
  • Spares Kit
  • Online Training & Certification

Golden Eagle is an American-made sUAS developed under strict design guidelines established by the Department of Defense of the USA. The Golden Eagle's primary application is short-range reconnaissance missions with EO/IR and onboard computing for autonomous missions and advanced autonomy. 

The sUAS platform focuses on effortless use, reliability, and extreme effectiveness.


  • Secure and encrypted communication
  • Integrated compute platform
  • High Endurance, Long Range
  • Modular architecture with a scalable design

Onboard Computing

Powerful CPU and GPU for real-time edge processing of computer vision and AI applications, available soon via upcoming software update.

Vertically Integrated

Vertically integrated and fully modular. Payload, propulsion, and battery systems can be quickly repaired, replaced, and upgraded.


Visual obstacle avoidance and visual-inertial odometry sensors will allow for GPS denied navigation, available via future software update.

EO and IR

Next generation FLIR Hadron Dual Camera EO/IR payload with dual-axis stabilization comes standard, offering surveillance grade visible imaging and high sensitivity thermal imaging.