New Dealer Announcement: FieldGenius by MicroSurvey

Event 38 Survey Solutions (E38) is now a US dealer for MicroSurvey products including FieldGenius. The relationship gives E38 customers a new option in addition to the other software E38 offers for data collection.

“We understand having options for survey field software is important to our customers,” said E38 Survey Solutions General Manager, Joe Douglas. “As technology changes and improves, our clients want to adjust accordingly, and E38 is ready to provide the software and technical expertise in order to help our customers thrive.”

FieldGenius works seamlessly with E38’s new tablet, the E38 Vivid, as the software is made specifically to be brand-neutral and easy to use. “Any inefficiencies can be costly for our customers,” said Douglas. “The clarity of the E38 Vivid Tablet paired with FieldGenius, which displays information logically and functionally, allows our customers to learn the software quickly and work efficiently.”

FieldGenius provides features such as defining custom coordinate systems, accessing web map services for background images, improved line staking, local transformations, and more. These features, along with the technical phone support E38 provides, will help customers maintain production and complete projects promptly and accurately.

For customers requiring assistance with FieldGenius, E38 Vivid Tablet, or Emlid Reach RS2 or RS+, E38 Survey Solutions offers a support package including personalized setup, technical phone support, and interim equipment if repairs are needed.