O-Pitblast Software Platform - Annual

O-Pitblast Software Platform - Annual

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  • Updates
  • Maintenance
  • Cloud Server
  • Client Support
  • O-PitAnalytics
  • O-PitApp

O-PitApp Overview

O-PitApp is an innovative QAQC app that allows you to capture real data from the field on drill and blast operations. With O-PitApp, you can capture real explosive kgs, stemming, hole length, and operation deviations from the plan, among other valuable KPIs. This app is a must-have tool for optimizing your drill and blast operations.

  • Online control of blast progress
  • Blast progress control by multiple users
  • Blast plan download via O-PitCloud
  • Record of borehole's actual data, such as: length, inclination, position, azimuth, diameter, stemming height, and water presence.
  • Possibility of registering explosive kgs (bulk or cartridges) and accessories (boosters or detonators). 
  • Storage of borehole information like photos and comments
  • Automatic blast reports generation.

O-PitAnalytics Overview

O-PitAnalytics is a comprehensive web platform that unifies all data, from planning to execution, for your drill and blast operations. With O-PitAnalytics, mining engineers can easily identify possible deviations from the original plan, identify hazards, and control quality problems in real-time. This powerful system is a game-changer for optimizing your drilling and blasting operations.

Blast timing control - Analyze the blast timing sequence and number of holes blasting at a given time.

Blast operational information - Control projects data like blasted volumes, explosive consumption and drilled meters.

Blast locations overview - Manage blast and sites location and control the progress of your mine or quarry operations

KPI control - Explore the relations between theoretical and real values: blasted volume, powder factor, specific drilling, charging, costs and much more.

Blasting cost breakdown - Control operations expenses like drilling costs, explosives, detonators, boosters, equipment and others.

Blast geometric relations - Study the blast geometric relations like Spacing/Burden, Sub-drill/Burden and Stemming/Burder for a better understanding of the blast results and optimization purposes.  

Operation errors -  Track operations errors related with stemming length, charging column, redrill and other "out of plan" actions to implement corrective procedures and avoid safety and operation issues.