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Pix4Dmatic is the new photogrammetry software by Pix4D that improves on the industry standard Pix4Dmapper.  Processing time is cut by more than half using matic compared to Pix4Dmapper.  Various other improvements including an easier workflow using geoid models. 

Accurate 3D maps and models from thousands of images 

  • Fast Processing -  Get your results of to 50% faster, while keeping a survey-grade accuracy
  • Easy accuracy check with GCPs, checkpoints, tie points, and exportable accuracy metrics
  • Pix4Dmatic supports a variety of vertical coordinate systems and corresponding geoids
  • Import from Pix4Dcatch - Process both LiDAR and image outputs from Pix4Dcatch.
  • Full Feature List

Essential Outputs

  • Point cloud in laz, las and xyz
  • Orthomosaic in tiff, jpg, jgw, tfw, and prj
  • Digital Surface model in tiff, tfw, and prj
  • Mesh in obj, slpk, and laz
  • Seamless export into Pix4Dsurvey