Teledyne Optech CL360HD

RESEPI Teledyne Optech CL-360HD Drone LiDAR Kit

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The Teledyne Optech CL-360HD LiDAR module boasts the most accurate drone LiDAR available, with a system accuracy of 1 cm.  The four returns offers the best performance in vegetation.  The Inertial Labs RESEPI IMU has best-in-class performance with a roll & pitch accuracy of 0.006 degrees and heading accuracy of 0.03 degrees.  Combining the best IMU with the best drone LiDAR module results in the most accurate drone LiDAR in its class.  In addition a 26 MP camera is included for a colorized point cloud.  At 165 feet flight altitude, and a speed of 11 mph, the vertical accuracy of the system is better than +/- 1 cm.  

This kit includes everything needed to integrate the LiDAR with your DJI M600.  It also includes a 1 year license of PCMaster for LiDAR colorization and geo referencing.  The only requirements on your base station are that it stores a RINEX file.  The Emlid Reach RS2+ is compatible and sold and supported by E38.  A complete base and rover setup is available for storing GCPs.  

RESEPI Teledyne Optech CL-360HD with 26 MP Camera

In the box:
  • RESEPI Teledyne Optech CL-360HD with 26MP Mapping Camera, 16mm Lens, and Single Antenna NovAtel GNSS Receiver
  • Full accessory set for integration with the M600
  • Protective Hard Case
  • 1 Year License of PCMaster 


PCMaster is the LiDAR point cloud generation software for Inertial Labs’ breakthrough LiDAR Remote Sensing Payload Instrument, RESEPI.

PCMaster, powered by Waypoint® Inertial Explorer from Hexagon | NovAtel®, features a simple and quick workflow where the user only needs to input a base station RTCM file. From there, PCMaster automatically corrects the antenna lever arm offset, combines and processes the forward and reverse trajectory, and produces a post-processed trajectory. After one more click, the LAS file can be made.

In addition to a simple workflow, PCMaster has a few built-in features for point cloud analysis. Users can filter data by selecting portions of the trajectory they want. This is especially helpful for mapping users that want to limit data overlap for thin bare earth models. Additionally, data accuracy can be analyzed with PCMaster’s built-in cloud slicing and measurement features for simple and precise spot-checking procedures. 

RESEPI Overview 

RESEPI (Remote Sensing Payload Instrument) is a sensor-fusion platform designed for accuracy-focused remote sensing applications. RESEPI utilizes a high-performance Inertial Labs INS (GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System) with a tactical-grade IMU and a high-accuracy dual-antenna GNSS receiver, integrated with a Linux-based processing core and datalogging software. The platform also provides a WiFi interface, optional imaging module and external cellular modem for RTCM corrections. RESEPI can be operated by a single hardware button or from a wirelessly connected device via a simple web interface.

RESEPI with Teledyne CL-360HD

RESEPI equipped with TELEDYNE's CL-360HD LiDAR is Inertial Labs' entrance solution to the precision solution market. This powerful system will meet users' needs, needing the best return count, range, beam divergence, accuracy, and precision. It offers a range of different laser scan speeds and frequencies, allowing users to tweak the settings to match the desired use case easily.


The RESEPI CL-360HD was strategically designed for projects requiring high performance. Due to its powerful 4-return laser and increased range of up to 750m, the CL-360HD would be perfect for mobile mapping, forestry, and crack detection in critical infrastructure areas like airport runways. Because of this diverse use-case portfolio and its 360 FOV, the RESEPI can be used for many services, including utility mapping (power lines), construction volumetrics, site surveying, precision agriculture, forestry, mining operations, and others.

Inertial Labs RESEPI Teledyne Optech CL-360HD