Customer Success Story: Campbell & Associates

Our customer, Campbell & Associates, is a leading land surveying firm with a focus on mortgage location surveys. With over 50 years of service, the family-owned company has seen many changes and advances in technology, but the most significant was the use of RTK GNSS systems.

A mortgage location survey (MLS) is usually ordered by a lender or title insurer. The purpose of the survey is to provide proof that improvements to a property are indeed located on the property. Campbell & Associates uses RTK GNSS receivers to expedite their productivity when conducting these surveys.

During a job, the company uses the Emlid Reach RS2 and FieldGenius for Android to first find the property corners and then any subsequent improvements to the property such as fencing, driveways, and more. FieldGenius allows the team to send the data to the office where is processed and plans are prepared.

Jon Campbell of Campbell & Associates found the Reach RS2 provided better coverage than he’s seen with other receivers. Additionally, pairing the RS2 with FieldGenius for Android eliminates the need for a separate data collector. Employees have also found it’s easy to use, but when questions arise, there are tutorials readily available on YouTube.

The company is using seven RS2 units currently, but plans to expand that number to reach all of their crews. The centimeter accuracy, coverage, and price are all factors taken into consideration.

The RS2 is an excellent choice for land surveying as it is lightweight, durable, cost-effective, and provides centimeter-accuracy. It’s comparable to mainstream devices and can obtain a fix even with obstacles like buildings or canopy. The receiver comes with the ReachView 3 app, but can be paired with other software if needed.

If you find you need assistance when setting up or using your Reach RS2, contact E38 Survey Solutions to learn more about our customer support options.