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Pix4Dcloud is a powerful online platform for processing drone imagery and sharing results.  Upload imagery directly from Pix4Dcatch for a streamlined handheld scanning solution.  Start your project in Pix4Dmatic, add GCPs and upload to cloud to process your project.  Share your project for free with a simple URL.  

Map, measure, and document the progress of your site

  • Timeline Analysis: Visual timeline for your jobsite for site tracking and project documentation
  • Calculate and compare volumes over time
  • Overlay your IFC files onto the 3D point cloud or mesh for better visualization of your project
  • Overlay design plans and maps and compare over time
  • Virtually inspect any jobsite from any device or location
  • Measure distances, highlight critical elements and share data with your team or clients
  • Directly integrated with Trimble Connect

Pix4Dcloud Standard - Includes 20 credits per month or 500 credits annually

  • Create accurate 2D maps and 3D models from images
  • Measure distances, areas, and volumes
  • Add annotations
  • Generate elevation profiles
  • Perform virtual inspections
  • Share with team and stakeholders

Pix4Dcloud Advanced - Includes 100 credits per month or 2500 credits annually

  • All Standard features
  • Track and document site progress with visual timeline
  • Compare volumes over time
  • Overlay design plans and maps
  • Improve collaboration with PDF reports

Pix4Dcloud Credits

100 credits is equivalent to ~500 images using a Mavic 3 Enterprise.  About 2 Pix4Dcloud credits are needed per acre.