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Complete Workflow

1.  Create 3D Drone Modeling for existing surface 

-  Fly Mavic 3 Enterprise, Anzu Raptor or LiDAR drone

-  Process with Pix4Dmatic/Pix4Dsurvey , Strayos, Carlson PhotoCapture or simliar software to generate a surface.

2.  Drill and blast design

- Import surface into O-PitSurface, Carlson BlastOPS, Strayos, or similar

- Design drilling layout

- Export to GNSS or export directly to your drill with IREDES files

3.  Mark drill locations using GNSS

-  Import drilling layout into Emlid Flow

-  Mark the locations with the Emlid Reach RS3

4.  Drill and verify boreholes  

-  Drill boreholes

-  Use O-PitDev, Carslon Boretrak, or similar to measure borehole deviations

-  Export/sync borehole data to O-PitSurface, BlastOPS, or Strayos 

5.  Adjust and blast

- QAQC with O-PitApp for explosives control and other KPI collection in the field

-  Adjust blasting plan in O-PitSurface, BlastOPS, or Strayos if necessary

-  Blast 

6.  Design vs field data in O-PitAnalytics

O-PitDev Overview

O-PitDev is a revolutionary solution for measuring borehole deviations in quarries and mines. Developed by scientists and researchers who understand the needs of workers on the ground, O-PitDev features cutting-edge technology for faster and more precise measurement readings. Its waterproof and shock-resistant design makes it ideal for non-metal operations, and it is highly efficient for 360º measurements.

  • Quick release rope system.
  • Led status indicator for easy and fast operation.
  • Structure made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Ergonomic nose that makes it easy to operate even in the most complex boreholes.
  • Temperatures range from -40ºC to 70ºC and 90% of the materials used are recyclable.

A direct connection to the O-PitDev App transmits data over the O-PitCloud, providing immediate borehole information to the engineer responsible for the project.

The O-PitDev comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.2. BLE connectivity that enables
communication with any smartphone equipped with Bluetooth and Android 8.0. or

O-PitDev includes:

  • Probe
  • Hard Case
  • Battery charger
  • Extra USB
  • O-Rings
  • Armband
  • 2 Touch pens
  • Rope
  • Carabiners
  • Cleaning Towel
  • Grease
  • User manual
  • 1-year license of the O-PitDev App
  • Protection from lost or unrecoverable probe 

O-PitDev App + Maintenance - Annual