O-PitSurface - Annual

O-PitSurface - Annual

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Complete Workflow

1.  Create 3D Drone Modeling for existing surface 

-  Fly Mavic 3 Enterprise, Anzu Raptor or LiDAR drone

-  Process with Pix4Dmatic/Pix4Dsurvey , Strayos, Carlson PhotoCapture or simliar software to generate a surface.

2.  Drill and blast design

- Import surface into O-PitSurface, Carlson BlastOPS, Strayos, or similar

- Design drilling layout

- Export to GNSS or export directly to your drill with IREDES files

3.  Mark drill locations using GNSS

-  Import drilling layout into Emlid Flow

-  Mark the locations with the Emlid Reach RS3

4.  Drill and verify boreholes  

-  Drill boreholes

-  Use O-PitDev, Carslon Boretrak, or similar to measure borehole deviations

-  Export/sync borehole data to O-PitSurface, BlastOPS, or Strayos 

5.  Adjust and blast

- QAQC with O-PitApp for explosives control and other KPI collection in the field

-  Adjust blasting plan in O-PitSurface, BlastOPS, or Strayos if necessary

-  Blast 

6.  Design vs field data in O-PitAnalytics

O-PitSurface Overview

O-PitSurface is Drill & Blast Design software solution for designing and planning open pit mining operations. With O-PitSurface, you can predict vibrations and fragmentations, import topographic data, and plan all phases of blasting operations. The software also allows you to control the results of the application of explosives, predict vibrations, and manage fragmentation results, all in one powerful platform.

Topography - Import terrain information, adjust bench bottom and generate
contour lines.

Free Face - Import 3D Laser and borehole deviation information, identify
critical burdens and borehole’s profile.

Boreholes - Capability to create, edit and manage borehole info, generate blast
patterns and control geometrical configurations.

Charging - Create charge rules, plan decks and automatically load your blast

Timing - Plan your blast tie-up with the available tools for any kind of
detonators: non-electric, electric and electronic.

Vibration - Import historical vibration data, create attenuation laws and
predict vibrations.

Fragmentation - Fragmentation analysis (in collaboration with WipWare Inc.)
fragmentation prediction model, and rock factor calibration.